SMS Services

Range of services

We provide a wide range of SMS services including 2 way SMS, email to SMS, short codes, long numbers/virtual mobile numbers and text overwrite services. If you are not sure what type of service you need, have a look through the various types of SMS applications that our customers are using.

High quality connections

We have 2 high quality connections into UK networks providing reliable message delivery and scalable capacity/large volume capacity which cannot be guaranteed with many of the lost cost routing providers.

Budget for every need

Being a small business ourselves, we recognise that some customers require a low volume solution or need a fix monthly cost for budgeting purposes and we have services to meet every budget.

SMS Applications

Operational Alarms

Customers use our services to send text messages to their support staff and engineers informing them that a system or process has gone down and requires maintenance.

Chat Lines

A number of national initiatives use 2 way text messaging in conjunction with a shortcode or long number to enable live chat with advisors on topics such as drugs use and careers advice.

Call Centre Integration

Customers operating a call centre also have integrated SMS to enable them to send important information such as policy details or visit details directly to the end-user’s mobile phone.

Many of these customers use the text overwrite facility so that the company’s name appears as the sender’s address rather than a number.

Mobile Marketing

Text messaging is a great marketing tool, with higher click through rates than many other marketing vehicles.

Group Broadcast

With group broadcast a virtual mobile number is assigned to a group of individuals such as a fishing or shooting syndicate or any other group or team that needs to communicate amongst its members. Any message sent to the virtual number is automatically sent to all group members.


SMS can add an important authentication layer to your online sign up or password recovery process, with the end user being sent a unique code that must be entered in your website.